My name is THECLA. My work revolves around themes such as womenhood, motherhood, vulnerability, exploitation, justice, strength, and freedom. It’s a deeply personal expression of my own journey, one that I’ve chosen to convey visually. Simultaneously, it’s evolved into a universal narrative, reflecting the experiences of women in our world.

I’ve opted for relatively simple yet vibrant imagery to capture the raw and genuine emotions of women, aiming to convey the universality of these feelings. Words often spark debates when used to describe such emotions, but feelings are inherently non-debatable.

For the past two decades, I’ve had the pleasure of expressing my creativity through marketing. I’ve worked in advertising and held positions as Chief Marketing Officer at G-Star RAW, Accell Group, and Tony’s Chocolonely.

However, my art is a reflection of my personal creativity. My “CATTLE” series features expressive female figures symbolizing the pursuit of women’s freedom. “MOTHERHOOD” is a new series that speaks about the protection, innocence and strength. I begin each artwork as a digital drawing on my iPad, which can then take various forms, including projections, neon light sculptures, canvas paintings, and papyrus collages. Throughout, the female figure, colors, and messages remain consistent — perhaps a nod to my advertising background.

Here on this website, you’ll find a blend of digital and physical images. Each digital image is available as an NFT and/or a digital print. Furthermore, they can be transformed into acrylic paintings on canvas or papyrus upon request.

If you’re interested in the story behind a particular piece or wish to purchase an artwork, please feel free to reach out to me at theclala@outlook.com.